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Our posts challenge conventional narratives, offering deep scriptural analysis on topics like CRT, Progressive Christianity, and BLM. Engage with us as we provide a unique perspective on these complex issues, fostering a community of believers who seek wisdom through Scripture. Each entry invites you to a journey of discovery, where biblical truth enlightens and guides our understanding of today’s world.

What can I do about my channel?

Here are some ideas that you can employ. Rather than worrying about sub count focus on improving what you're offering your viewers and ultimately...

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This was a great outing.

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The broad road religion

Dear Woke Christian, CRT is a cult. It's a cult of the broad road. What do I mean?In the true Christian faith we do work, learn and grow in Christ...

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The Beatitudes

Dear Woke Christian, I did a video on the YT channel showing a lady mistreating the passage in Mattehw 5 known as the beatitudes. She reframed them...

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I have a YouTube channel, too

Dear Woke Christian is on YouTube. Feel free to check it out. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Step into the Light

Dear Woke Christian, There's a wonderful quote by Dr. S. Ferguson in his book Grow in Grace that I'd like to share with you. When we become...

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Let me get this straight

Dear Woke Christian, Let me get this straight. Your god creates, transforms, resurrects, and so much more. Right? Your god is able to save from the...

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The Anti-Gospel

Dear Woke Christian, Let's talk about the real issue on the table. CRT is the Anti-Gospel gospel. What I mean by this is that CRT takes the biggest...

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