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Our posts challenge conventional narratives, offering deep scriptural analysis on topics like CRT, Progressive Christianity, and BLM. Engage with us as we provide a unique perspective on these complex issues, fostering a community of believers who seek wisdom through Scripture. Each entry invites you to a journey of discovery, where biblical truth enlightens and guides our understanding of today’s world.

Where’s DWC?

On Monday during a live stream, DWC was hit by several Spam bots. In the process of trying to get them from the Live Chat, a comment was posted with...

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Trying to get better Are you someone who tends to overthink and get stuck in analysis paralysis, making it difficult to...

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Sunday school slides

Whether you call it "Sunday school", "bible class", or "expository training" Sunday school is amazing. Here are the slides from our Sunday school...

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Dusty comments

It is true that beliefs do not necessarily equate to facts, but it is also true that facts can be believed in. For example, the fact that the Earth...

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Get your reading on

It's cold outside and I would like to share a few books with you. Rich Grace in Poor Soil. Gods at War Preaching to the Choir This is certainly not...

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My best post from 2022

I am going to do a highlight reel of 2022, but this was the runaway most successful video last year.

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Christian Nationalism

Tim from "A Frisch Perspective" did a critique of the Stephen Wolf book "The Case for Christian Nationalism". Christian Nationalism has been a...

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