Our Mission: Provoking Thoughtful Faith

Scripture as a Lens for Today’s World

Discover our journey in encouraging critical analysis and thoughtful engagement with societal issues through biblical perspectives.

Rooted in BiblicalTruth

In the midst of a world swayed by rapid changes and emotional reactions, ‘Dear Woke Christian’ emerged as a pillar of biblical truth. Born from the turmoil of 2020, our purpose is to dismantle confusion and misconceptions within the Christian community through a scripturally grounded approach.

Challenging Societal Norms

Diving into contentious topics like Critical Race Theory, Progressive Christianity, and Black Lives Matter, we encourage believers to approach these issues with a biblical mindset. Our aim is to replace emotional reactions with rational, scripture-based discourse, fostering a community dedicated to thoughtful conversation and deeper understanding.

A Movement Beyond Content

Dear Woke Christian transcends traditional digital content. It’s a movement committed to igniting meaningful dialogue in faith. From engaging blog posts and podcasts to thoughtful letters, each piece is a call to action, inviting believers to partake in transformative discussions.

Future Aspirations

As Dear Woke Christian continues to evolve, our vision extends to offering a wider range of resources, including books and merchandise. These expansions are designed to deepen our impact and further our mission of spreading Christ’s teachings and fostering critical thinking in faith.

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We invite you to be an integral part of our journey. Engage with our content, contribute to the conversation, and help us build a community where scripture informs our understanding of today’s world.


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