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Andy Stanley is the BEST!

and by best I mean "at misrepresenting Christ and the Gospel". Andy was on a podcast recently and I'd like you to check out the transcript or the...

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Bible Giveaway

Tim Frisch and I are going to give away 6 NASB. To enter the raffle: 1. Follow "A Frisch Perspective"  @A Frisch Perspective ​ and "Dear...

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Looking for feedback

The audacity of someone not posting for a month only to come back with a request. The gall! The nerve! Well, here we are. Do you mind letting me...

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Setting goals for DWC

In less than 2 months I will have been on YouTube and really pushing this project for a year. I started this blog back in April, but video and audio...

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Weekly recap

This week was busy. I didn't do as many shorts, but I did get some great videos done. Most will be released next week. I also was able to screen my...

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Last week’s best video Due to Mrs. Perry's influence in the early days of "spoken word" and reformed Christian hip hop, I think it stuns...

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