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Our posts challenge conventional narratives, offering deep scriptural analysis on topics like CRT, Progressive Christianity, and BLM. Engage with us as we provide a unique perspective on these complex issues, fostering a community of believers who seek wisdom through Scripture. Each entry invites you to a journey of discovery, where biblical truth enlightens and guides our understanding of today’s world.

Why aren’t you critiquing?

Dear Woke Christian, There is nothing noble or honorable about failing to check what you're being told against the standard of God's Word. You're...

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The body as a whole

Dear Woke Christian, Paul wrote a lot about the Church being Christ's body and each member apart of the whole. Have you ever thought about why it is...

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The hand of God

Dear Woke Christian, I get it, now. It is really easy to see the issues of the past and even today and "know" they're racist. I get it. There is one...

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Today in Meme-ology

Dear Christian, Does it ever strike you that many pro-makers cite "love your neighbor" over the passage in Leviticus 13 (verses 44-46 speak directly...

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Flag on the play

Dear Woke Christian, In Galatians 2, Paul confronts Peter. I am not going to expound on why, go read it yourself. What I do want to point out is...

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The tale of three churches

Dear Woke Christian, Earlier I told you that we had "examples" in the Bible and I want to share what I mean. The Corinthians were putting a lot of...

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We need the real Gospel

Dear Woke Christian, Do you smell that? It's the smell of society burning all around you. If ever before the true Gospel needs to be preached to any...

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We need a stern wake up

Dear Woke Christian, I am sure you saw the events in Afghanistan this week. No doubt you've heard of the reports of Christians who were left in the...

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We have examples

Dear Woke Christian, Have you ever thought about the examples given in the Bible? We have a TON! It's almost like God wanted us to see and avoid or...

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They see us

Dear Woke Christian, This video makes me mad. How does it make you feel? The characters are saying everything that CRT has taught them. There's so...

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Lived experience = idol

Dear Woke Christian, Digging through several "woke sermons", lectures and speeches, I'm coming to a realization. The notion of "lived experiences"...

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Money laundering

Dear Woke Christian, "Money laundering" is the term used to "clean" dirty (illegal) money and make it useable legally. There are many ways this can...

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