You have been asking this, right?

Dear Woke Christiann,

If CRT was so Biblically based as you’ve been told it is, you should have a question. If what Mason, Kendi, Diangelo, Tisbey and others say is right, you have to be scracthing your head. Come on, you had to wonder “why Paul, Peter, John and Christ Himslelf never talked about such an important “gospel” issue?”

You have thought about that, right?

Blessed are the merciful?

Dear Woke Christian,

By now you should be able to see that CRT is a totally different thought process foreign from Biblical Christianity. I am sure you see that by now. Just listen to how they turn the rich forgivness of God through Christ on it’s head in this short video.

This is an entirely different teaching. This isn’t Biblical theology by any measure. What do you think? Let’s talk about.

Double voice to elevate

Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s check out two voices today.

Come on Christian, if BLM was really about bettering a community why does it seem like all they’re willing to support denogrades the community? Why support abortion and failing schools when you can be a support adoptions and school choice? Let’s talk about it.