Sunday school slides

Whether you call it “Sunday school”, “bible class”, or “expository training” Sunday school is amazing. Here are the slides from our Sunday school class.

Dusty comments

It is true that beliefs do not necessarily equate to facts, but it is also true that facts can be believed in. For example, the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun is widely accepted because of empirical evidence and scientific research. Similarly, there is...

Get your reading on

It’s cold outside and I would like to share a few books with you. Rich Grace in Poor Soil. Gods at War Preaching to the Choir This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I hope you’ll fine value in them.

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Welcome to my YouTube channel! I am so excited to share my content with you and I would be thrilled if you would take a moment to check it out. My channel is, and I put a lot of time, effort, and passion into creating videos that...