Money laundering

Dear Woke Christian,

“Money laundering” is the term used to “clean” dirty (illegal) money and make it useable legally. There are many ways this can be done, but the many ways seem to be broken down into Simple and Hard methods. Since this isn’t a how-to lesson I will stop there, but I want to show how this happens within the church all the time.

A non-biblical cultural teaching is presented at the church doors. Thankfully no one lets it in, it’s not biblical. However, someone finds an off bible passage to tag onto the bad teaching and now it is able to come in. Now that the teaching is in the church people can either kick it out, embrace it or analyze it. Many people choose to embrace it, because it has a few bible verses attached to it and even the pastor has mentioned it from the pulpit. Very few seek to analyze it and even fewer voice kicking it out. People are talking about this teaching outside the church so the church must be hip on what everyone else is talking about. In honesty the church is late to the game, but they don’t want to be seen as out of step on such a crucial teaching. So the formally non-Biblical teaching now is full “Biblical”. It’s even being paraded as a salvation issue or a major pillar of the Gospel. Jesus would support this and He actually did support this teaching when you compare the Bible to other modern writers who’s books we’ve embraced because this teaching needed new modern scholars. More books, conference speakers and lectures are held in order to cement this teaching into the foundation of the Church. It’s now a major doctrine. If one rejects it, they may not even be a believer in Christ.

So a clearly non-Biblical teaching has been “baptized” and cleansed of all it’s baggage. Now it can be proudly shared from pulpits, videos and even songs. Gone are the rough edges of a teaching outside the Bible. Now it’s sanded smooth and polished to gleam like any of the 12 foundations of the new Jerusalem.

Dear brother/sister, is this a far cry? Am I being over the top? Isn’t this exactly what happened with the prosperity gospel, health and wealth or the little gods doctrine? Oh, you thought I was talking about how CRT has infiltrated the church, didn’t you? Why would you think that?

CRT has been “money laundered” into the church. A clearly unbiblical idea has been sanded and shined, wined and dined until it could pass for any sound biblical teaching. But is it? I challenge you to in context support any premise of CRT from the Bible. The problem with money laundering and false doctrine laundering is that God still knows and eventually you will have to answer for your sin of letting the mafia run the church.

Consider it

Dear Woke Christian,

Digging through several “woke sermons”, lectures and speeches, I’m coming to a realization. The notion of “lived experiences” is an idol to CRT. Take the time and listen to how one person’s experience is laid over everyone within that group. Say that I had a horrible experience at a major amusement park, well now this place hates Southern, bald men with 2 kids and a propencity for long social media posts. How did I make that assertion? Well my lived experience is what brought me to this revelation. Obviously, this is silly, but is it though? Isn’t this exactly what we do when we claim that ALL cops are XYZ, or ALL _______ supporters are…., or every traffic stop is…..?

Dear brother or sister, I am begging you to consider that CRT is not only a cult, it’s a deadly, damning and dangerous divisive false gospel that only serves to separte you from the Body of Christ both here on earth and in eternity. I know that’s very harsh and I only reget that I haven’t found a more severe way to sound the alarm. Run, dear Christian.

I have a question

Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s say that you’re starting to wonder. You’re starting to question if CRT is really all about what it claims. Let’s also say that you want to “test” a CRT person to check what they’ll do.

Here’s a simple test. Ask them to give you the Gospel. You may have to play along, but ask questions and get to the true Gospel. This is what my kid (11 years old) just told me the Gospel was “God is holy, man is sinful. Christ came to pay our sin debt. He died, was buried and rose again. By the grace of God He made me alive to receive the Gospel and now I’m trusting in Christ for salvation.”

So you’re wondering about your CRT prognosticator, huh? Ask them what the Gospel is and extra credit if they can cite actual Bible text.

What did you get when you asked? I pray you got a succinct explanation of the Gospel. I hope it was theologically rich and deep. But…. you know what the problem is…don’t you? Yeah I do, too.

No matter how great their explanation of the Gospel is their everyday “preaching” is void of this truth. CRT can’t give the Gospel because it’s opposed to it. Yes, it uses terms and phrases, but actually it’s anti-Christ at it’s root and your friend just proved my point.

Run from CRT brother/sister. Don’t worry about being called names or worse. Your status in Christ matters so much more. Run!

They hate you!

Dear Woke Christian,

This might come off as brash, but I have to say it. They hate you. They’ve always hated you. They don’t “love” you because you compromised. They don’t like you more because you’re saying what they’re saying. They loathe you even more. When they’re done using you, they’ll find no more value in having you around. Seeing your carted off will be their greatest joy. They hate you!

Know that CRT, or whatever compromise they’re pushing this week, is run by the one who hates your soul. Even more he hates the God you claim to represent. Think about the wicked evil heart that had to be at play to crucify our Lord. That exact same evilness is leading CRT and it wants nothing more than to see one more “christian” take the bait and be suckered into a life of dispair and worthlessness. He won’t let you off the hook because you sided with him. He want to see you miserable, doubting and compromised and you’re giving him it all.

You don’t believe me, huh? Let’s walk through a thought. If the Bible is the key to opening the prison of sin and freeing the captive, it’s fair to say that the Bible is a pretty big deal, right? Well, ask yourself why CRT folk ALWAYS use the Bible out of context and as prooftext? The priceless key is having the notches shaved off, it’s tines broken and crushed. Will that key still be able to open the lock? Now the next question I want to pose to you is if this matter of CRT was so important, why didn’t our Lord discuss it when here on earth? Again His teachings don’t support CRT and you have to wonder why your speakers are spending so much time on something Christ didn’t discuss at all.

It’s all a smoke and mirrors game. It’s meant to distract you for our wonderful Savior and focus your attention on things that not only don’t eternally matter, but honestly could be a tool of the devil to separate and divide the Body of Christ. I’ve said it before, but I mean it. Run to Christ and flee Wokeanda!

Let’s stop playing around

Dear Woke Christian,

At what point will you see that CRT/BLM/SJ are complete and utterly bankrupt? Not just payday loan broke, but I mean broke-broke. Spiritually they are leading you into sin. They take scripture out of context so badly that you’d think the Bible is a “create your own doctrine” book. Secularly they are denying real basic common sense. What is it going to take for you to look at this movement and see it for what it is?

Let’s be honest, why are you still holding on to CRT and it’s ideologies? Let’s talk about it.

This week in Meme-ology

And might I add that many times, sadly it will be from people who are trying to virtue signal their own troubled conscience.
Along with that, the idea that blacks aren’t a monolith, but they sure better think like one.

Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s start a new discussion. Let’s look at some of the raging inconsistencies within Wokeanda. What’s do you think about these?

Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult

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Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult