What did Samuel say?

Dear Woke Christian,

Samuel Sey has a lot to say today. I’d just suggest that you look his way. *I’m not a poet at all.

There are a lot of different definitions for CRT. Don’t let that throw you. There are some very basics in every definition. I encourage you to ask and even require your teachers, preachers or friend to define what they’re talking about in race, inequality, justice and the many other buzz words. You can also ask for a chapter and verse to whatever they’re teaching. That usually takes the air out of any over-flated tire.


Dear Woke Christian,

Here’s an Instagram account of a very “problematic” voice. I do find the word “problematic” interesting. Basically, this young lady doesn’t say what the majority of her people group says and that’s bad. You decide for yourself.

I am not a fan of shutting down speech that I don’t agree with. So the idea that a person’s thoughts are “problematic” is really more about the hearer than the speaker. The Christian message is actually quite “problematic” to those who refuse to subject themselves to God’s perfect rule. What do you think? Let’s talk about it.

Elevate ALL voices

Dear Woke Christian,

There was a question on a previous video. I am not pushing only Christians this month. Not every voice this month has a lifestyle that I fully support. The reason I’m doing that is to show you that even those outside the faith can see the error in CRT.

Many people have pointed out that CRT is burdensome. Trying to dot and cross everything is really a chore. How does this impact your walk with Christ? Do you start to see Him as a task master constantly requiring more and more from you without giving you the means to comply? Let’s talk about it.

Trust but verify

Dear Woke Christian,

Did you know that in Gordon Ramsey’s latest cookbook he preferred mustard based BBQ sauce?

What if I told you that during Adidas’ earnings report 2021 they named Jason Whitaker “Chief of size 19 Green shoes”?

Did you know that during the 1973 Olympics my great-great cousin Tommy won the bronze medal in shot put?

What if I told you that Jesus spoke out against “racism” and wants to bring “racial harmony” here on Earth?

Each of these should have the exact same response from you. You should check my sources and verify. I know you don’t like Reagan, but he did say that we can trust, but verify.

So why don’t you check your CRT prognosticators with the same level of scrutiny as you have towards my cousin’s bronze medal?

Listen to them say it

Dear Woke Christian,

I catch a lot of flack for calling out CRT/SJ/BLM and their ilk. However, I find that many people have never taken the time to listen to the speakers they promote. Honestly, listen to these people. That’s where Woke Preacher Clips comes in. Check out this page listen to what’s being said, read the transcripts. Compare what’s being said to the Word of God. Go ahead you have nothing to lose.

This video you will quickly notice has the entire Gospel upside down. Check it out and compare it to the scriptures. How can you be a Bible preacher and have the Gospel so wrong? Maybe you’re not a Bible preacher? Let’s talk about it in the comments.