Dear Woke Christian,

This might come off as brash, but I have to say it. They hate you. They’ve always hated you. They don’t “love” you because you compromised. They don’t like you more because you’re saying what they’re saying. They loathe you even more. When they’re done using you, they’ll find no more value in having you around. Seeing your carted off will be their greatest joy. They hate you!

Know that CRT, or whatever compromise they’re pushing this week, is run by the one who hates your soul. Even more he hates the God you claim to represent. Think about the wicked evil heart that had to be at play to crucify our Lord. That exact same evilness is leading CRT and it wants nothing more than to see one more “christian” take the bait and be suckered into a life of dispair and worthlessness. He won’t let you off the hook because you sided with him. He want to see you miserable, doubting and compromised and you’re giving him it all.

You don’t believe me, huh? Let’s walk through a thought. If the Bible is the key to opening the prison of sin and freeing the captive, it’s fair to say that the Bible is a pretty big deal, right? Well, ask yourself why CRT folk ALWAYS use the Bible out of context and as prooftext? The priceless key is having the notches shaved off, it’s tines broken and crushed. Will that key still be able to open the lock? Now the next question I want to pose to you is if this matter of CRT was so important, why didn’t our Lord discuss it when here on earth? Again His teachings don’t support CRT and you have to wonder why your speakers are spending so much time on something Christ didn’t discuss at all.

It’s all a smoke and mirrors game. It’s meant to distract you for our wonderful Savior and focus your attention on things that not only don’t eternally matter, but honestly could be a tool of the devil to separate and divide the Body of Christ. I’ve said it before, but I mean it. Run to Christ and flee Wokeanda!