Dear Woke Christian,

If we were in the Zombie apocalypse. Let’s say we were all in “The Walking Dead” universe. You’d want to have a weapon. Maybe a sword, hammer, crossbow or gun. You’d want to have a weapon that you knew would be sure and put away the threat to you, your family, friends and community.

Well, we’re in “the Woken Dead” and our churches, communities and homes are surrounded by sheer and utter madness. What’s your weapon? What are you going to use to put away the threat and keep yourself safe?

The only weapon we have is the only weapon we need against the spread of this cultic cancer against the Church. The better you weld it the quicker you dispatch the foolishness, silence the lies, transform hearts and even change minds.

The Bible is all we have. Don’t be afraid to use it, study it, memorize it, believe it. You can’t fight Wokeanda on their terms. You have to fight on His!