Dear Woke Christian,

Coming to Christ has a ton of benefits. One of them is the mortification of sin. We cannot deal with the sin in our hearts until we come to Christ. But we can’t come to Christ ONLY to have our sin mortified. We come to Him because we want Him. He’s already promised to workout our sanctification (Phil 2:12-13). The Road to our full sanctification is that we want to please God and in fact want to be with Him. He is our treasure.

The reason I bring this up is under CRT “racism” is the greatest sin ever, in the history of life. Though I fully disagree with that, I do want to ask how CRT deals with sin? The “christ” of CRT has left us a pretty long and ever increasing list of things to do and at the end of the road what’s there?

Dear friend, I beg you to consider that CRT and it’s various expressions is nothing more than a repackaging of any works based, man made salvation plan. Maybe you’ve been accused of being the “oppressor” in the CRT narrative. Daily your baggage of “sin” gets heavier and heavier. No matter who you are, look to Christ. He will and has promised to take your sin debt. You need only want Him and turn to Him in faith.