Dear Woke Christian,

What is sin? In it’s basic, most simple form it’s my telling God that I know better than Him. I know that doing this action is against His clear word, but I know better. We probably don’t say it like that, but really that’s what we’re saying. We don’t trust that He’s in control and truly has our very best at heart. Maybe He’s withholding something that we think we need? Doesn’t He know that we need it? We know what’s best for us…right?

Listening to, preaching, and meditating on the Gospel reminds me that He is more than capable of doling out good gifts, because He’s already given us the best gift, Himself. By thinking about this over and over we remind ourselves that we can trust God fully and totally because of His perfect track record of knowing what we need and giving us that.

So consider if you’re trusting God for everything? If not how are you reminding yourself that He’s in control and will not neglect one of His precious ones? Dear sister and brother, please consider God’s word and His wonderful Gospel. Are you trusting in it with all that’s in you?