Dear Woke Christian,

Have you ever considered that the Gospel is the means by which we don the “full armor of God”? Let me explain.

Jump to Ephesian 6:11-14. Let’s look at the pieces of the armor of God, but focus on their description.

Salvation (Comes by way of the Gospel) I am saved because of what Christ has done, not my own efforts.

Righteousness /Justification (A byproduct of the Gospel) I am clothed in His righteousness and God sees me as He sees Christ.

Truth (The expression of the Gospel) Christ is truth and I am in Him.

Gospel of peace (The greatest byproduct of belief first between us and God and then others) My sin debt has been paid, I’m no longer God’s enemy. I can be at peace with anyone.

Faith (A gift of God that we might believe…the Gospel) I am saved by faith alone. I can’t make it happen and God saw fit to give me what I couldn’t muster myself.

Word of God (Needed in order to believe…the Gospel) God have given me all that I need in order to know Him and love Him through His scriptures.

Just think of how preaching the Gospel to yourself day over day will prepare and equip you to handle any challenge that comes before you. Oh, what’s that you say…your “gospel” doesn’t promise any of that? Um….welll….um….I gots nothing. Maybe, you should…um ditch that for the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.