Dear Woke Christian,

We hear it said often that “God is love”. I can’t agree more. This is a very comforting fact.

What I want to propose to you is that we see that God is Love through the Gospel we have all that we need in order to be loving, kind, and caring even to those we view as our enemies. Let’s look at 1 John 4:9-11

I know this seems kind of a given, but the “prayer” by Dr. Walker-Barnes isn’t a prayer. We are commanded to love even our enemies. The reason also seems to be pretty much a given, but I will state it anyway. We are to forgive and love our neighbors/enemies because we’ve been forgiven. It’s really that easy. We know this because in verse 10 we see the “Do/Done” pattern. We see it explained through 10-11. What do you think?

Dear brother and sister, CRT violates God’s law wholesale. I’m begging you to consider that the love of self and self prioritization isn’t Christianity at all.