Dear Woke Christian,

The misconception running around the Church is that we only need to hear the Gospel, the true Gospel, not that CRT thrift store foolishness, only one time. Once one is converted there’s no reason to go back over it. I am going to take one letter a day to explain that this is a faulty logic and more than likely what’s shipwrecked manys faith. So let’s get into this.

The NT makes it very clear that Christians need to hear the Gospel as much as non-Christians. You see this in a commonly missed point made by Paul in Romans 1. The Apostle was “anxious to preach the Gospel to you who are in Rome”. Obviously he wanted to share the good news with those who hadn’t come to saving faith, but he also wanted to preach to those who were in the household of faith. We see this in the fact that he’s writing to a body of Christians.

You see this again in his letter to the Corinthian church we read “I make know to you the gospel, which you have believed”. He then restates the historical facts of the gospel before showing them how those facts apply to their beliefs about the afterlife. We see him do this often as he addresses other aspects of this church. The gospel is used as a measuring post.

Actually, in most of Paul’s letters large portions are given over to the restating of the gospel or gospel truths. We see this in the first 3 chapters of Ephesians, first 2 chapters of Colossians and nearly eleven chapters of Romans.

The point that I want to make is that the Gospel, the good news is so vitally important to your spiritual health and well-being that I’m going to take most of the month of May to make it practical. I want you to see that dime store knockoff gospel you’ve been exposed to is not only a fake, but actually detrimental to your growth.

Let’s jump right in tomorrow.