Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s start with a lyrical summary of the parable The Pharisee and the Tax Collector. The actual story can be found in Luke 18:9-14 as well.

CRT creates a narrative that there are levels to sin and that “racism” is the worse and most egregious sin there is. Now, reading that last sentence I know many people will argue that I’m mischaracterizing or building a strawman. However, I’m not and you know I’m not. There is not one sin that has gotten as much shine as that of partiality in the last few years. Of course other sins may be mentioned but the go to worse sin is truly that of “racism”. Being that many of the supporters and proponents of CRT aren’t even Christians I don’t think it’s hard to see/believe that they have a different take on sin.

Here’s where the Gospel comes in. In the parable that our Lord told we see two men approaching God. Let’s look at the Pharisee first. He’ has all his ducks in a row so to speak. Note he had checked all the boxes so to speak. Looking at him in isolation we’d think he was “good to go”. Gold star.

However, the Tax collector has to be looked as as well. TC were known to be scoundrels and thieves. Did you notice that he never outlines ALL his sin? He simply begged for mercy as “sinner”. He knew that great or small he was a sinner and unless God gave him mercy he’d be in a world of hurt.

The Gospel is for those who know they’re sinners. There is no laundry list of good deeds we can tout or share. We have to come to the foot of the Cross. It’s been said that at the foot of the cross we’re all on equal footing. The vilest sinner or the most pious saint all beg for mercy from the same loving God. Drop your CRT teachings and embrace the Pro-Sinner Gospel.