Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s point out something that you may find offensive. It’s not bold to say what the majority of the unsaved anti-Christian world is saying. That’s not boldness, that’s actually going along with the crowd. Sorry to splash cold water on your “mostly peaceful protest”. But you know I love you and I’m going to tell you the truth.

Take some time to look at what Christ said in John 15:18-27. *Though the section titles aren’t inspired I think it’s spot on that this section is named “The hatred of the World”. I’m going to zero in on 22-23. What did Jesus say? What did He do? Did any of what He said or did even remotely resembled what we see and hear in CRT? No, no it doesn’t. So why are we speaking and saying things that He didn’t and clamoring for the acceptance of the world in the process?

Dear brothers and sisters think about it. Jesus wasn’t crucified because He said what the establishment wanted to hear. You have to consider what you’re saying and doing in His name. Is this making you an enemy of the world or an enemy of God? I mean Jesus did say that if you hate Him you hate Who sent Him. Are you siding with, partnering with those who hate Christ? I know it’s a harsh claim, but really examine what you’ve been taught. CRT is a cult.