Dear Woke Christian,

Watching society unravel almost by the hour, it can become discouraging and even overwhelming. Knowing that the possibility of your way of life will soon be seen as criminal is a reality is sobering.

However, knowing that the community around you is poised and ready to bear with you though these trials is encouraging to say the least. Listening to your pastor preach sermons that exalt Christ all while knowing that his fellow pastors are being hauled to jail. Joining in with your church family to sing hymns written by others in the past while they were holding on to that scarlet thread really lifts your spirit.

Dear brother or sister, please abandon woke ideology. It will prove useless in the coming storm. The cultural shift we’re about to see will not bring your closer to Christ, but try the very fabric of your faith. If your faith is “Jesus +” anything, you’re in some deep weeds. Flee from CRT/BLM/Progressive and run back to Christ.