Dear Woke Christian,

At what point will you begin to see that this is being used as a lever to separate Chrsitans of every color? You can’t have a dissenting voice? Well, I can and I will use it.

The notion that any form of disagreement with CRT will be met with name calling and bully tactics is so 3rd grade I am embarrassed to have to point it out. No, I don’t worship whiteness. That’s just silly, but since we’re being lunatics, “supporting CRT means you worship blackness”. See I can play the silly Olympics as well.

But let’s be honest. There are many, many viable reasons to reject CRT. The main reason is that it’s another “gospel” in full. Its’ presuppositions are flawed on many sides and don’t represent what the Body of Christ is to be at all.

How about this. If I told you that the Bible speaks clearly against women leading in church one would immedately excuse away Paul and make some pretty baseless arguments. That same person would canonize “whiteness” as the unpardonable sin and call anyone who challenges it mean names. You’re probably writing out a few of them now.

There are many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who disagree with CRT. I will not accuse them of worshipping anything or anyone except Christ unitl proven otherwise. Why are you so comfortable doing differently?

As a call to action how about you show me where “whiteness” is a sin in the scriptures.