Dear Woke Christian,

Romans 3:9-20 states a very sobering acknowledgment. No one is righteous, NO ONE. This should really cause us Christians to pause. This is Paul the apostle saying this. If he wasn’t righteous what hope do we have? No one is righteous. 

But thanks be to God that we are righteous…in Christ. Due to His perfect life, sacrifice, and resurrection we’ve been given perfect, spotless righteousness! What a wonderful report!

Though CRT is a cult, a blind squirrel can get an acorn every now and then. Let’s look at the Convergence theory. That theory basically says that Whites are incapable of doing anything righteous act. I have to admit and I think Paul would agree, too. I agree with this. However, I believe Paul would hammer the point even more. No one is righteous, no not one. 

So to my Christian brothers and sisters who’ve fallen into the maw of CRT, how do you accuse an entire people group, some are your brothers and sisters in Christ of ill simply based on their skin color? And a follow-up question, do you treat your own people group with the same condemnation in light of what your read in Romans 3?