Dear Woke Christian,

I went Woke! I joined your camp, cliquie, gang, cult. Whatever you call it. I started at Starbucks this morning. The lady pronounced my name “Jaason” and it’s clearly “Jason”! Geez micro aggression, much, Becky?

Then when I went to go pick up my disabled mom, she was sitting in the lobby talking to her neighbor. The lady was sitting her walker looking down at my mom who sits in a wheel chair. Classic white superiority, Ms. Pat!

However, this is what I’m not understanding. When I tried to read God’s word today, when I tried to pray all I felt was guilt. It was almost like the Bible was in a different language and that my payers were bashing me on the head. I tried listening to “sermons” from Mason, Tisbey, Kehndi and others. I just felt no peace. I actually felt worse.

I used to feel joy reading God’s word, now I just feel shame. I used to relish my time in prayer, now I just kinda breeze through. Even more I used to like people. All kinds of people. Now I feel anger and aggression towards them all. I am even angry at people who look like me! Something is wrong, Woke Christian.

Maybe I’m doing “woke” wrong. What do you think? Or… maybe…just maybe…