Dear Woke Christian,

I am not one of those guys who mislabel you as supporting riots and looting. At least I hope you don’t. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

My issue and question is when will you speak out against this with the level of passion and angst that you do about “systematic racism”?

I mean you do realize that looting is stealing (Ex 20:15), right? You know since we’re there why not look at verse 16, too. Do you see anything odd with that commandment? The Lord commands His people to NOT bear false witness. Latter He expounds on it and institutes the witness system. Why am I pointing this out? I just want you to think about how easily CRT calls people racists, hateful and the such. With no proof or evidence they just say it. Christian that’s slander and it’s a sin. But hey CRT has a great remedy for sin, right?