Dear Woke Christian,

I am sure you’ve heard the phrase that “XYZ is a gospel issue” or “If we don’t do XYZ action we’re not doing the gospel.” Though this phraseology sounds pius and deep, it’s really insidious. It’s not the Gospel at all. Let’s look at 1 Corinthians 15:1-12.

Reading Paul’s very thorough description of the Gospel you’ll notice something; It’s all about Christ. All the heavy lifting is on our Lord. We are just beggars accepting the beautiful gift our Lord have won for us. The apostle takes the time to point out the key elements of the Gospel. You’ll notice that there is nothing we do to make the Gospel effectual.There are no “gospel issues”.

The natural outcropping of a life transformed by the Gospel could be some level of reconciliation, I agree with that. However, I propose that CRT muddies the water so well that true racial sinners, have no idea they’re sinners. Honestly CRT ruins sinners by mixing up what sin is and turns the Gospel into a works-based hodgepodge of trinkets and crafts with no power to save. If you don’t believe me listen to some “well-melanated” person go off about the “lesser melanated”. Ask yourself would this be acceptable if it were the other way around? You know it wouldn’t, so what empowers the person to speak like this?

The CRT idea seeks to reign man’s tongue, rule his unruly heart and reshape his mind without the Gospel at all. This is the height of a fool’s errand. I heard someone recently say that preaching the gospel to quell “racial issues” is the stupidest thing he’s ever heard. I am sure that Paul inspired by the Holy Spirit would disagree.