Dear Woke Christian,

Check out Luke 4:17-21. This is the famous passage where Jesus reads out in the temple what He’s come to do. Now contrast that to Matthew 11:1-10. Here is where Christ reads off his “resume” so to speak. Do you notice anything missing from his “to do list”? He mentioned in Luke that He’d set free those in captivity. But in Matthew He doesn’t mention that? What do you think? Think He was padding his resume with accomplishments while skipping an obvious fail?

In Luke He tells what He’s going to do and then proceeds to go about doing it. In Matthew He outlines His accomplishments and He did leave off “liberty to the captives”. Or did He? If you approach this from a sense that Jesus was a revolutionary then, yes, He failed. We know this because He’s talking to John’s disciples. At the time John the Baptist was in jail and he wasn’t going to be get out. He’d later beheaded. So if Jesus was supposed to set free those physically in captivity, He flub it up. But if you see His mission as primarily spiritual you know that we all are captive to sin before Christ. Now in Christ, sin is no longer our master as Paul says in Romans 6:14.

We know that He did everything perfectly and didn’t miss a single detail. There’s a reason I believe He didn’t tell John’s disciples about setting at liberty the captives. I believe Christ knew that John wanted to go home. He didn’t want to be in jail and he certainly didn’t want to die at the hands of Herrod. However, God already ordained that John would and that this would bring Him glory. By not mentioning it, Jesus basically told John he’d not be leaving jail and the Lord is ok with that.

Jesus didn’t pad his resume or anything like that. He accomplished every aspect of His mission perfectly and today we stand forgiven in that reality. As we start our month long look at the Biblical Gospel in contrast to woke ideologies I want you dear friend to consider if what you’re embracing is apart of the wonderful Gospel of Christ.

See you tomorrow.