My best post from 2022

I am going to do a highlight reel of 2022, but this was the runaway most successful video last year.

Christian Nationalism

Tim from “A Frisch Perspective” did a critique of the Stephen Wolf book “The Case for Christian Nationalism”. Christian Nationalism has been a hot-button topic for a few weeks and it certainly needs to be discussed. I’ve linked...

The Beyonce’ discussion on Jude 3

Jude 3 has been featured on this page before. I am very confused about the lack to Jude 3 in this ministry named “Jude 3”. It does seem like they’re not aware of their own confusing message. Though Beyonce has a large disc library, the song that was...

Andy Stanley is the BEST!

and by best I mean “at misrepresenting Christ and the Gospel”. Andy was on a podcast recently and I’d like you to check out the transcript or the audio Podcast. I will be addressing some of it, but not all of it today. PodcastTranscript