Dear Woke Christian,

Acts 2:14-26

Let’s look at the day that the Church stated, Pentacost. The day of Pentecost and Peter’s preaching have been known as the Birth of the Church.

However in Wokeanda, Peter was condemning the Jews for Jesus’ death very similar to how modern-day BLM condemns white people. There’s just a small problem. Jesus’s death, burial, resurrection, and ascension were all very new news. The likelihood of people hearing Peter who had actually yelled “Give us Barabas” was very real. So the call to repent was a real call. 

My guest blogger, Herb added his thoughts here as well. Can’t quote this one without the punchline v37-38. Whether Peter was “condemning” or not is really arbitrary. He was stating facts. I know that facts hurt people’s feelings, but they also compel us to examine truth. And when we examine truth we have an individual responsibility to respond to truth…v38. If any man has hatred for his brother in his heart “racism”, they need to know that Christ died for that. Imagine how changed the world would be right now if BLM humbly shared the gospel of Jesus as the forgiveness of sins (including racism) and the means of being made righteous,  instead of sharing the gospel of shame and guilt in an effort to claim self-righteousness and condemn people who don’t agree with them. 

But there is something else. Every one of us was there when Christ was crucified in a way. Shai Linne makes a wonderful point that we all respond like some or most of the characters in Jesus’ crucifixion story. 

Were you there by Shai Linne Yes, we were there. 

So were you there, brohter or sister? I think I’d would have been like Peter or maybe Pilate. I know my shortcomings and I can’t say that I would’ve done much better than these guys. What about you?