But why though?

Dear Woke Christian,

2 Timothy 3:16-17

In light of what Paul said, why is it that your CRT teachers reference God’s revealed word so little, but their own thoughts so much?

Bonus question, how were people made righteous before the advent of the “wonderful woke works gospel”?

It would seem that the God of Wokeanda didn’t give us everything. Or maybe we had everything that we needed already. No CRT needed.

I went Woke!

Dear Woke Christian,

I went Woke! I joined your camp, cliquie, gang, cult. Whatever you call it. I started at Starbucks this morning. The lady pronounced my name “Jaason” and it’s clearly “Jason”! Geez micro aggression, much, Becky?

Then when I went to go pick up my disabled mom, she was sitting in the lobby talking to her neighbor. The lady was sitting her walker looking down at my mom who sits in a wheel chair. Classic white superiority, Ms. Pat!

However, this is what I’m not understanding. When I tried to read God’s word today, when I tried to pray all I felt was guilt. It was almost like the Bible was in a different language and that my payers were bashing me on the head. I tried listening to “sermons” from Mason, Tisbey, Kehndi and others. I just felt no peace. I actually felt worse.

I used to feel joy reading God’s word, now I just feel shame. I used to relish my time in prayer, now I just kinda breeze through. Even more I used to like people. All kinds of people. Now I feel anger and aggression towards them all. I am even angry at people who look like me! Something is wrong, Woke Christian.

Maybe I’m doing “woke” wrong. What do you think? Or… maybe…just maybe…

Who are your priests

Dear Woke Christian,

Can you think of who your leaders are referring you to read or listen to? Who are they quoting? Have you thought of the people in your pastor’s ear?

It’s already been pointed out that CRT is extra biblical. No one before would’ve taken the Bible and come up with “white fragility” or “systematic racism”. There’s a reason to that.

So my challenge to you is is to dig into the theology of the people pedaling CRT to your church. I am sure you have a recommended reading list. Look into the theology and world view of these authors, speakers and leaders.

I am sure you’re going to be slightly surprised when you do.

You’re a sinner, too

Dear Woke Christian,

What do you do about idolatry, adultery, violence, strife, lying, and other sins? It seems your team is only interested in sins that can be categorized as “racist”. I have yet to hear a cogent sermon on why I should give my neighbor back his lawnmower I borrowed two years ago.

Deep down inside you know better, don’t you? You know that you’re flawed, wicked, and ruined. You’re a sinner. You know that even if racism and the racists are as bad as you;ve been told, you know you are far worse still.

In 1Timothy 1:15 Paul writes “The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” Paul knew it and so do you…you’re a sinner in need of a Savior.

So my question is does the Woke Church deal with your sin? How does it? Is there a Gospel for various “races”? What was the Gospel for Paul’s race? Timothy? Me?

Dear Woke Christian, you’re in a cult. This is a totally foreign gospel to that of the Bible. Run from this teaching and to the safe arms of the Biblical Gospel. Christ is willing and able to save you.

The easy way out

Dear Woke Christian,

It is easier to call your opponent “*obic/*ist or *ism” than it is to address their arguments and challenge their thoughts.

Don’t cheapen the fight. Bring facts, proof and be ready to address the issue on the table. Read up on logic fallacies and strengthen your approach. Don’t take anything I say at face value. Read up, study and prepare yourself. The weakest in the pack get taken out. The more you study, learn and grow the sooner and faster you’ll renounce your citizenry to Wokeanda.

The True Gospel

Dear Woke Christian,

The true Gospel creates life in its adherents. It brings life. By understanding our sins, Christ’s obedient life, His sacrificial death, burial and subsequent resurrection all point to one wonderful truth, we can have life, real life in Him. This is the Gospel.

The false gospel of CRT brings more law upon a dead, lifeless corpse. No life. No sin bearer. No healing. No reconciliation. You’re welcome to prove me wrong, but you know that I’m telling the truth. CRT provides no hope.

The Gospel is sustainable

Dear Woke Christian,

CRT and Progressive “christianity” are not sustainable. They don’t give Life; true Gospel. They can only heap “law” upon, “law” on a stony heart with no real, true Savior to rescue. It’s like they tie huge burdens on people and let them struggle without giving them a way out. Has to be the one of the cruelest things sinful man has come up with.