Happy birthday

Dear Woke Christian,

My birthday is tomorrow. I’m not telling you that for you to give me a gift, but you know if you want to…..

I wanted to point something out. Every year for the last 3 years my pastor has taken me to lunch on my birthday. Last year we ate BBQ sitting on our car bumpers being all socially distant and stuff. This year since I’m not going to be in town, he’s bringing lunch over. Since I WFH I have to get somethings done before I “wheels up” this afternoon.

My pastor is white. We joke about our racial differences. We comment about how unique each of our cultures are. Our kids love one another. He really pastors my family and it’s all good. Before you interject some “white guilt” or some CRTism into the mix just ask yourself this. Which looks more like what Christ asked us to do? Is it more consistent with God’s revealed word for him to come over, have lunch, laugh and talk or is it more consistent for me to look at him side-eyed and call into question everything he does?

Many supporters of CRT LOVE to talk about how we’re supposed to reflect Heaven on earth. Yet, in the same breath seek to divide the Church based on external, non-controlable circumstances. That doesn’t work!

Woke Christian, drop the “woke” and embrace Christ fully and completely. You’ll be following Christ then. Besides you might get a good lunch out the deal.

Jordan Peters

Dear Woke Christian,

Jordan Peters. You may have seen the video where he’s tearing up talking about Christ. It’s clear that he’s struggling to understand and believe. He seems sincere to me. I’m praying for him.

Now imagine that a Christian comes to him at this time and shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is willing to meet with him as many times as needed to answer his questions and help disciple him.

Now imagine that a Wokeandian comes to him at this time. What would they offer this man that’s clearly battling with his sin and realization that it all can be paid for in Christ?

Come let us reason

Dear Woke Christian,

My honest desire is for you to desire to look into what you’re being “taught” and compare it to scripture. I’ve said it before, but I believe many CRT supporters don’t expect you to check what they’re saying. Really you shouldn’t even trust what I’m saying. You should desire to know that Christ is being honored that even if an angel came you’d check him against the revealed Word of God.

Let’s play a game. Can you tell me how many unique places you could compare this sermon against scripture? There is more than 1, but the point is for you to think about it and ask “is that what the Bible says”?

So come along with me as we reason together.

The purpose of the Gospel

Dear Woke Christian,

Have you ever wondered why the “gospel” you were taught hasn’t brought about genuine heart change? I will tell you, it’s all law. And bad “law” at that. There’s no Good News.

CRT provides NO ONE with the Gospel. It’s only focus is the now and now. There is no redemption for “sinners” in the CRT “gospel”. Ask yourself why is that?

Old dead friends

Dear Woke Christian,

Take the time to read old, dead Church fathers. I recommend Charles H. Spurgeon first this experiment. Check out any book by the Prince of Preachers and take note of how he talks about “salvation”. He’s so expressive and thankful to be saved and for the gift of eternal life.

Now go read any of your CRT thinkers. Do you get the same awe for the precious gift of Christ? I wonder why they don’t relish their salvation and want to see every and anyone come to saving faith.