I mean it is in the Bible

Dear Woke Christian,

I am not one of those guys who mislabel you as supporting riots and looting. At least I hope you don’t. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

My issue and question is when will you speak out against this with the level of passion and angst that you do about “systematic racism”?

I mean you do realize that looting is stealing (Ex 20:15), right? You know since we’re there why not look at verse 16, too. Do you see anything odd with that commandment? The Lord commands His people to NOT bear false witness. Latter He expounds on it and institutes the witness system. Why am I pointing this out? I just want you to think about how easily CRT calls people racists, hateful and the such. With no proof or evidence they just say it. Christian that’s slander and it’s a sin. But hey CRT has a great remedy for sin, right?

Consider the Gospel

Dear Woke Christians,

I beg you to consider the Truth of the Biblical Gospel. Who is Christ and what has He done?

Does CRT offer any hope? Does the Savior of CRT resemble the Biblical Christ at all? Compare what the CRT prognosticators are saying with the Word of God. Don’t discount the wonderful Savior of the Bible for a thrift store throw away of Critical Race Theory.

Maybe we started off on the wrong foot

Dear Woke Christian,

The reason I HATE CRT/SJ so and rail against it so much is because I love Christ. Yes, my love for Christ causes me to hate something.

The unity I have with others is honestly only by His wonderful Grace. That’s why God called it the Body of Christ. CRT is a cancer to our culture and it would do the same to the unity of the Church if left unchecked. So when people try to mix and merge this corrupt, demonic teaching into the Gospel I have to deny it. I have to rail. I have to mock it and call it a farce. I am not going to ease up, but I thought I’d take a second to explain why I approach this topic so.

With sincere love,

Your brother

No one’s going to read your blog, Jason!

“Jason, you know that no one is going to read your blog. No one is going to change their path, because of your blog. You’re never going to get a ton of readers.”

Thank you. Let me tell you a story. It’s a riff on a story CH Spurgeon told. He had some of the best stories, but let me tell you one in my own way.

An artist had a shop on a busy street in the town square. There was a cool fountain outside his shop. As a courtesy he hung an old tin cup from a chain by the found. He thought it would welcomed by travelers.

A few days later one of his friends came to visit. He railed on the old man for putting such a tin cup on a such a general link chain. The cup was battered, the chain was short. No one of status, no one of regal status would dare use that tin cup. The visitor told his friend the artist that only the thirsty would worry about such an uninviting old, tin cup.

The artist looked up at his friend and asked a simple question.
“Are thirsty travelers refreshed?”

“Oh, yes, those who are parched and really thirsty are drinking. But no people of renown.”

“Then, the cup is doing it’s job. Only the thirsty will drink of that fountain. If they’re thirsty and requiring refreshment then the look of the cup will not bother them. The people of renown aren’t thirsty. That cup is for those who know they’re thirsty.”

Dear Woke Christian,
I’m writing this because I want to keep pointing you to the Fountain that not only can give you refreshment in this day, but in eternity as well. Don’t let the flayouw of the “tin cup” cause you to reject the wonder water that can give you life. Turn from your false teaching and come to fountain for Life.

You have the tool…use it.

Dear Woke Christian,

Martin Luther said something that’s very, very appropriate for today.

“A simple layman armed with Scripture is greater than the mightiest pope without it”.

I will modernize it for my discussion today.

A simple Christian armed with Scripture is greater than the mightiest CRT proponent without it.

You have the tools necessary to combat the false “gospel” of CRT.

The Mayor of Wokeanda

Dear Woke Christian,

This is one of your premier leaders of Wokeanda. I think he’s the mayor or something. Needless to say this is part of the reason your “gospel” is not Good News, but really a sad reflection of greedy, sinful man’s heart.

Ask yourself this question; Would this teaching fly anywhere else, but a guilt ridden, uber prosperous country like America?

Woke Christians, flee from this cult and run to Christ.

Daniel and the Woke Israelites

Dear Woke Christians,

I am confident that there were “woke Israelites” who thought they were doing the right thing by surrendering to Babylonian rules, festivals and rituals. They thought they were doing the right thing for their families and didn’t want to cause a stir. I am sure they thought if they went along they’d stay alive longer, too. The only problem is they violated God’s commandment in the process.

Woke Christians, you’re in Modern Day Babylon. The idol is set before you and the music is starting to play are you bowing or standing is the only real question that matters.

Where did CRT teachings come from?

Dear Woke Christian,

I hope you take the time to objectively look at the teaching you’ve embraced. You can’t search the scriptures and find any form of CRT or SJ. So where did it come from if not God’s Holy Word?

Ask yourself if you are comfortable trusting in the “gospel” presented by CRT and the SJ Jesus. You’ve been sold a bill of goods and when it comes time to cash in, you’ll be found lacking.

This is going to leave a mark

Dear Woke Christian,

Jesus Christ, the Bible, church history, the church fathers, every creed, confession and catechism and that guy on 9th street all disagree with you.

CRT/SJ are not biblical by any stretch of the imagination. You have to reel in other texts to make your case.

Let it go. Turn from the idolatry of CRT and turn to Chrsit who’s ready to save you.