Why aren’t you critiquing?

Dear Woke Christian,

There is nothing noble or honorable about failing to check what you’re being told against the standard of God’s Word. You’re not being cynical by checking. You’re being Biblical by checking.

So my quesiton to you is what are you afraid of? Why are you not holding your teachers to a Biblical standard? Let’s talk about it.

3 thoughts on “Why aren’t you critiquing?”

  1. I think that once the body of Christ has fallen into spectator mode, they no longer know how to interact with the content which they are spectating. The palate for healthy interaction has gone dull. Fighting with a sword is a lost art. Instead, engagement is more in line with playing battleships. Lobbing artillery from long distances, celebrating our “hits”, instead of treating each other with compassion. Even the distributors of information/content do not open themselves humbly to being sharpened. Most ideas are expressed as fact, where the spectator must agree or get out.


  2. Good questions there! There certainly appears to be less questioning than there should be. My theory is that people, even those who claim Christianity, do not want to go against the grain even if it is Biblical to do so. The Devil is just getting started so Christians really need to put on the full armor of God and cannot let their light dim for this world. Jesus called us to stand for the truth, his Word, and to let our light shine in this dark world.


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