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Dear Christian,

Does it ever strike you that many pro-makers cite “love your neighbor” over the passage in Leviticus 13 (verses 44-46 speak directly to the point)? Maybe because the scriptures say that one’s top lip should be covered, but let’s continue. To me, that does read like a mask-type thing. So the question is why don’t they bring this up?

Here’s why they rarely mention this passage. It actually destroys the argument for total lockdowns AND masks at the same time. Take a look at it, I’ll wait.

The passage gives some very good instructions on dealing with a very contagious disease, leprosy. Notice that only the sick were quarantined and made to mask up. So you’ll never hear a pro masker mention this passage for that exact reason. The love your neighbor has morphed into “do what I deem is loving your neighbor”.

Here’s a meme attempting to address this. The person who posted it seems to know that it didn’t support their idea, but posted it anyway.

Keep pushing back. Require them to defend and explain their position.

One thought on “Today in Meme-ology”

  1. Yep only those with actual symptoms were required to follow the guidance for leprosy.
    Also leprosy and covid-19 are not the same thing. Precautions that may help with one do not mean those same precautions will help with the other. But supposedly smart scientific health professionals can irradicate covid rom the world for us because they are so smart. Here we are 4000 years later and leprosy still exists 🤔. By the way Fauci is not a priest. Priests are who we were supposed to go through in the bible to deal with leprosy. Jesus did not tell the healed leper to go get cleared of their disease and to get pronounced clean by the Roman government. He directed them to satisfy the law by getting cleared by a priest. Fauci or any other other county health dept heads are not priests.


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