Lived experience = idol

Dear Woke Christian,

Digging through several “woke sermons”, lectures and speeches, I’m coming to a realization. The notion of “lived experiences” is an idol to CRT. Take the time and listen to how one person’s experience is laid over everyone within that group. Say that I had a horrible experience at a major amusement park, well now this place hates Southern, bald men with 2 kids and a propencity for long social media posts. How did I make that assertion? Well my lived experience is what brought me to this revelation. Obviously, this is silly, but is it though? Isn’t this exactly what we do when we claim that ALL cops are XYZ, or ALL _______ supporters are…., or every traffic stop is…..?

Dear brother or sister, I am begging you to consider that CRT is not only a cult, it’s a deadly, damning and dangerous divisive false gospel that only serves to separte you from the Body of Christ both here on earth and in eternity. I know that’s very harsh and I only reget that I haven’t found a more severe way to sound the alarm. Run, dear Christian.

2 thoughts on “Lived experience = idol”

  1. Some how followers of CRT have attached their identity (through lived experience) to the CRT ideology. For them to reject CRT would mean they would be rejecting their lived experience. But this is a false dilemma. I can have a bad time at the amusement park, but still join in the joy of someone who did not have that experience. Humanities desperation to define themselves through their experiences has created a completely self centered experiential identity crisis. It says I’m valuable because I say I’m valuable. #selflove But in order for something to have value, a higher authority has to declare its value. God declares us valuable, so whatever experience I have (good or bad) is just a result of life on earth, not a result of my identity being assaulted or blessed.

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  2. It is such an awful term and is also used to minimise what people have gone through, while making it look like the person using the term cares. Ugh.
    Great blog. God bless you and yours.


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