5 thoughts on “I couldn’t have said it better”

  1. I would ask the question a different way. Do you bear the guilt for your sin as well as its effects?

    The Adam’s sin discussion is a very interesting one. Though Adam did break us and mar the image of God in all those that follow, we’ve also sinned on our own and that’s where the real issue is. Though Adam did play a role, we’re in deep soup ourselves.


      1. Like I dont think that Jesus was guilty of our sin, although you could say that our sin was imputed to Him. God can impute something to someone if He chooses with out them being guilty of the particular thing in question. Jesus was sinless yet bore the effects of sin. However, like you kind of say we must all realize that we got way more than enough sin of our own to be guilty of. But with that I dont go around to everyone that I see and tell them that I am sorry to them because I was mean to another person before.


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