Consider it

Dear Woke Christian,

Digging through several “woke sermons”, lectures and speeches, I’m coming to a realization. The notion of “lived experiences” is an idol to CRT. Take the time and listen to how one person’s experience is laid over everyone within that group. Say that I had a horrible experience at a major amusement park, well now this place hates Southern, bald men with 2 kids and a propencity for long social media posts. How did I make that assertion? Well my lived experience is what brought me to this revelation. Obviously, this is silly, but is it though? Isn’t this exactly what we do when we claim that ALL cops are XYZ, or ALL _______ supporters are…., or every traffic stop is…..?

Dear brother or sister, I am begging you to consider that CRT is not only a cult, it’s a deadly, damning and dangerous divisive false gospel that only serves to separte you from the Body of Christ both here on earth and in eternity. I know that’s very harsh and I only reget that I haven’t found a more severe way to sound the alarm. Run, dear Christian.

3 thoughts on “Consider it”

  1. I’m white and I mostly want to say to this black man, thank you for trying so hard. What you are doing is actually working out and practicing the gospel. Blessings brother!

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  2. Woke Christian, consider this. Imagine in your witnessing you come across a KKK member. Imagine instead of giving him Christ’s message of reconciliation to open his heart you give him CRT instead. Do you really think that CRT has the power to change his heart rather than Christ’s message? Do you really think the CRT message has a chance at all! Not even close!


  3. Consider this. A man has a great great great great grandfather who was a KKK member. Is that his fault or his dads fault or his grandfather’s fault or his great or his great great or his great great great’s fault? Imagine this man comes from a line where every generation before him all the way back to his great great great great grandfather were KKK. Imagine how steeped that this is! How ingrained! None of his ancestors were Christians and imagine by God’s grace even with this man’s absolute propensity towards racism comes to salvation. Dont you think that this guy could really really still struggle with past sinful tendencies towards racism? Say he is trying hard to battle what has been ingrained in his deepest parts of his soul and flesh from hundreds of years of racism in his family. I mean its like any sin. Lust, addiction, homosexuality, gay marriage. I mean that is if CRT considers these sins any more also. Just thoughts. There is more than just your experience.


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