This is NOT the Gospel

Dear Woke Christian,

This is exactly why we have unrest in our culture today. The Gospel is being used as a means to an end. Oh he shoehorns some platitudes to Christ in there, but really this is disgusting.

16 thoughts on “This is NOT the Gospel”

  1. When the title says “Pastor demands reparations” right away a Christian should know that a person demanding reparations is not according to the bible. There is really not any reason to even play the video.


    1. No doubt. I’m interested in hearing someone who supports this idea explain this from the Bible. I’ve heard the leaders and it’s flimsy at best. But people who support these men should be ready to defend this idea from the scripts, too.


      1. Ok. Agreed. Let’s hear someone defend the “Pastor’s” sentiments biblically. Next up???


      2. I mean I would try to defend this Pastors sentiments biblically. I mean maybe I have got biased lenses and that is why I can’t see it biblically. So let me step back and look. Ok, so when I step back and look it seems like that I would need to come to the table with the presuppositions of how can this serve me and how can I benefit from all this. Unfortunately, that is when I quickly remember that these presuppositions are not biblical.

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  2. I watched. Oh my. God requires payment for every offense. Where to get started. How about God requires payment for every offense. Uh, how about you are not God!. How about all the black and brown people that you are teaching that they should demand repayment. Um, they are not God either. How about God’s Son paid the price for Christians? Does the payment of the Son of God not cover the repayment? How about that its in eternity that the slates are settled and that God does the settling not this guy. These types of people need to seriously repent or they will be repayed. Repayed by God.


      1. unfortunately its seems like there is a very large orchard of trees with low hanging fruit though!


  3. The teaching is that you cant add anything to the gospel but that you need to add something to the gospel.

    Wait! What?


  4. Jason, a thought came to my mind and it made me wonder. If the black Africans would not of been brought here to America in the slave trade days, the black African American people would not be what they are today. They might not even be here or be American at all. But my question really is if they were not brought here would any of them or their ancestors be Christians? Or if you are African American, would you be here and be a Christian right now? I mean try to answer in a noncalvinistic way. I mean what would be the chances of many becoming Christians if all had stayed in Africa?


    1. That’s a dicey topic. There was Christianity on the continent before the salve trade. Actually many slaves were sold by Muslims as part of Islam’s invasion through North Africa. That’s why the “white man’s religion” is such a silly argument. There are scholars who very written on this subject and from my short survey of the topic I can say the following.

      Christians were present and uprooted in the slave trade. If the trade had never happened, I would like to say Africa would have experienced what Europe did, a sort of Christian Renaissance if you will. However the impact of Islam on the region can’t be overlooked. Sadly I think Africa may have become war torn between the two faiths. God’s providence is way above my understanding and comprehension.


      1. Interesting! I really had no clue. But that would have been better if Africa was more heavily Christian because no slave ever came here. I’m just looking at it from a number of souls of saints point if view.


  5. What percentage of Christians do you think are woke?
    Wokeness and true Christianity are not compatible. Does that mean if you are woke and die woke that you were not a Christian?


    1. No idea. I wouldn’t make it a salvation issue. However, it can be argued that being “woke” is as much a distraction as anything else carnal. So I’d say that one’s effectiveness and usefulness to the Body of Christ is greatly compromised by being split between two opinions. Over time I am sure the “woke friendly” will eventually abandon the faith for true apostasy. Keep in mind that CRT is rooted in many sins and promotes those sins as virtues. So like any cancerous material long-term exposure will be hazardous to one’s spiritual health.


      1. The problem I see is that CRT in Christianity is a different gospel and the back to back warnings in Galatians 1:8 & 1:9 make it sound like a salvation issue.


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