Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult

In the wake of the public turmoil amidst McLean Bible Church and David Platt’s leadership, Relevant Magazine published a gem arguing that Christians should stop using the term “woke” as a pejorative label. Tyler Huckabee’s article subtly tilted, “Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult.“ After beginning with the context of David Platt and basically […]

Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult

4 thoughts on “Christians, Keep Using ‘Woke’ as an Insult”

  1. With David Platt mentioned, it just makes me sad and reminds how many good Christian pastors have fell by the waste side. I mean really I get that sickening kind of just sad in my stomach.

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  2. I dont mean this to be mean but I dont think that you can be woke and be a true Christian. Now alot might disagree and say well I was woke once and was a true Christian. I was just misinformed or deceived or off track but I was still a Christian and thus they seek to maybe still call other woke Christians brothers and sisters. But the way I see it is that Jesus is the only means that God decreed to perform and provide reconciliation. Jesus is all sufficient to reconcile all things. Racial included. But remember the most important reconciliation is us reconciled to Him and this is overlooked. The most important reconciliation is not to each other and not racial and is not disparities. It us reconciled to him. If this happens the rest should naturally follow. Where is the focus on this in the woke/social justice “Christians”. On top of this Jesus’ reconciliation is ALL sufficient. If a Christian believes that Jesus’ reconciliation is All sufficient then how could you allow yourself to go to and through worldly systems to seek reconciliation??? Is the government more sufficient? Its idolatrous to me. Its despicable.

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    1. Woke Christian, He made us both one. He made us a single thing. If we are both in Christ we ARE one. Dont you believe that woke Christians??? The dividing wall of hostility has been torn down by Christ Himself. Christ in whom ALL the fullness of God was pleased to dwell! All the fullness of God has killed the hostility, there is no distinction to God. All the fullness of God made us one and the one is now reconciled to God. Its enough woke Christian. Way more than enough! Stop looking through worldly lenses!

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  3. Woke Christian, I see alot of anger and hostility. I understand a little you being mad or hostile toward the world. The world is the enemy, its contrary to God, there should be opposition to the world. But in your anger do not sin and partake of the world’s ways. Dont repay evil with evil. The blood of His cross has made peace between us. Be at peace woke Christian.


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