2 Chronicles 7

Dear Woke Christian,

2 Chronicles 7:13-15 This one is fun. In the early ’90s Gospel songs were made from this verse and I still hear it in my head now as I write this. 

There is a level of truth to this verse being applied today. However, the text is clearly speaking to a specific group at a specific time. That being said can and will God bless the humble and contrite, yes. Does that mean He’ll also heal and bless our land? I am going to say no. 

But let’s say that this is a 100% promise for the modern era. We have been given permission to cry out over racism and expect God to forgive us and bless us. Do you honestly think that God is more concerned about “racism” as He is about abortion? Do you think the “wicked ways” talked about here are paying a black man less than a white man, but NOT the fact that our welfare system is cruel to the poor? Even if I were willing to concede “racism”, there is no way that what we call racism is even on the same plain as many more gross sins. 

2 Chronicles 7:13-15 is a wonderful passage and though I believe it has some application to our modern context, we’d be much better off with a passage like Psalm 51 and repenting for our own sin knowing that God is faithful and will not turn away anyone who comes to him in repentant faith. 

Ephesians 1:3-10 is a more modern promise and more applicable to our day. That takes nothing from 2 Chronicles.  

16 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 7”

  1. What I really focus and zoom in on is verse 14 and particularly the first 85% of the verse in order to receive the last 15% of the verse. It’s if/then, it’s conditional. So I focus on my part because I don’t have to worry about God doing His part. I place the first 85% of the verse at the individual level which compiled what would the equal the whole, but it really involves each individual doing their individual part. Each individual is to 1) humble themselves, 2) pray, 3) seek my face, and 4) turn from their wicked ways (everyone turn from ALL their own individual wicked ways).
    After everyone does this then comes the THEN of God.

    I don’t think that any nation of people has ever done what this verse really truly requires nor will they ever.

    Although at times God has been gracious and relented in spite of us truly meeting our end of the deal. 99.9% of the time we don’t even come close.

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    1. Excellent points. I like the 85% vs 15% angle.

      The part that gets me is that CRT folk like to use this verse as if it applied to every people group ever. Well if that was the case they’re saying that “racism” is worse than abortion, sex trafficking, and a myriad of other sins that we seem to do a great job at. Talk about focusing on the wrong thing.


      1. Ya, the 85/15 was just a guess and estimate. I’m not even close to a Hebrew scholar where I know the actual number of clauses in the verse. But I hear what you are saying. Do I think some sins are worse that others, yes, maybe, probably. But compared to God’s Holiness, it’s hard to differentiate. His Holiness is so great and so far removed that in some ways sin in sin. Every sin is so far away from His Holy standard. So I don’t think this aspect should be the focus. The focus to me is that we need to turn from All our wickedness, all aspects. We have to be willing to deal with ALL our individual junk. It’s a life long process. We gotta work out our own salvations. Focusing on activism most times just makes us take the focus off ourselves and thus we really never get anywhere. If everyone’s individuals hearts were changed and right then your post would probably not even be needed.

        I hope I’m getting the point of your post, not sure.

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      2. I certainly get your point. We’re not in disagreement. My only point of clarification is that “racism” is really the sin of “partiality” out of James. CRT folk have said it’s the worse sin EVER. Add to it the false notion that “blacks can’t be racist” and I just SMH. While I disagree on its weight I do agree that it needs to be addressed. However, there are a lot of other more grievous sins on the docket for sure.


      3. I mean you could apply it to anyone or everyone. I think most times the type of things that God would do for one then He would do for another but not always. But if the whoever doesn’t do their part then it’s a moot point. Also if you grab the verse and use the verse as ammo to support something else then you are totally missing the point, regardless if it applies to all people everywhere in all times.
        Am I off?


    1. Hey racism that can never really be atoned for is a pretty good chess piece to use that will never go away that also carries much emotional baggage with it. A great chess piece that causes division to usher in Marxism. From a worldly standpoint great job on their part. It’s effective from a worldly standpoint. God has rules. The rules may not be fair in your mind. But God can’t be unfair and I want to be on Gods side. Thus I must distort the Bible so I can be in the right, so I can have my cake and eat it to. It’s a twisted heart at the root.

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      1. BINGO! (*bad board game pun!)

        I think the undefinable “racism” term is just a crowbar shoved into the opening to keep the door open so they can shove in as much heresy as possible. You mentioned many things earlier and I think it’s that plus so much more. CRT is a tool, but it’s a tool of the Enemy.


  2. Ah I get it now, lol.

    It is the partial treatment of the sin of partiality, lol.

    Ya, we should not elevate it above all others. I’m ok with it being on somewhat equal footing though. But even that would work against the other sins that they seem to support. I mean there are so-called Christians that support Abortion and gay marriage, and transgenderism. This is something that I just cannot fathom but that is where they are.
    As a CRT “Christian” getting 1 out of 4 correct just don’t cut it. They need to back up and get many things straight first before going all in on racism. Talk about “speck in your brothers eye”.

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  3. As the bible says that we should be…we should be content with food and clothing, with these physical things only shall we be content. Im willing to literally be content having only these things.

    Question: Who is willing to literally be content with only these things with me, so that we can have true equity?

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  4. It sure seems that CRT demands that people of color be inferior to whites. Like it requires that people of color be inferior to whites. Like they want people of color going to their graves believing that they are inferior to whites. What a disgusting (actually i dont even know a word for it) requirement by CRT. So so so contrary to Christianity. How could any Christian buy into this? This view of racial inferiority is not biblical. Was this view ever orthodoxy? I understand that many white preachers in the early Americas twisted scripture to justify this point of view and they were totally wrong. So glad this point of view is not truth and that today no true Christians can actually support the view of CRT that people of color are inferior. I know these woke pastors that know the bible cant actually believe this. There has to be other motives. Wolves! Sorry the more I look into this stuff, it just gives me kind of a righteous anger.

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      1. I would like to hear more apologetics videos or topical videos on your YouTube or rumble or something. You did really well on the video i saw with guesting on that bottom line dad channel. All I saw on yours was Legos. Do you have another YouTube channel than that?


  5. This entire thing has moved so fast. Working with The Bottom Line Dad, The Frisch Perspective as well as Doctrine Forensics has been gasoline to my fire. I started out just as a blogger. I’ve started audio podcasts. I’ve done a few videos, but they will ramp up and I’ll launch a true YT/Rumble/GabTV chan this fall.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


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