Nehemiah 9

Dear Woke Christian,

Ezra and Nehemiah are wonderful stories of God’s faithfulness to any unworthy people. Read them both. Today day we’re just discussing chapter 9.

Nehemiah 9:1-3 This is a wonderful passage to look at the context. Nehemiah has just completed the wall project in record time. Ezra in chapter 8 has just read the book of the Law to the people and now in chapter 9, the people are responding. 

This is one thing that is very similar to the Daniel 9 story. Why is it that people who push the corporate repentance narrative seem to miss that these people were the ones doing the sins they are repenting of? These very Israelites were the ones who had broken a covenant with God. We know because they were in exile. This also happens in Daniel. Though we have no evidence that Daniel was a scoundrel he was well aware of his personal imperfections and repented along with calling out his fellow captives’ sins. 

That’s another point. The judgment of God was currently being played out in real-time. This wasn’t something that had happened in the past, but rather it was current and real.

Rather than using this as a prooftext for corporate repentance, individual repentance could happen with this passage Psalm 130:3-4

We might even go so far as to say that the rebellion of the fathers, sent the fathers to exile, but then God’s punishment being served, allowed for the sons to return to God’s promise. The God of second chances. 

What do you think, brother and sister? Do you see other places where corporate repentance happened for sins done in the very distant past?

4 thoughts on “Nehemiah 9”

  1. Well I do wonder how many people that support CRT are really even Christians themselves. But what is weird is that the big portion of Pro-CRT people that are not Christians have gained their idea and definition of repentance from somewhere. I wonder if the non-Christian CRT adherents have actually borrowed “repentance” from Christianity? Hmm. Maybe more evidence for Christianity?


    1. Sad to say, but I think inside and outside the church people know that the Bible is a good “tool” to use. So many just “Google it”, find a verse and run with it. There is a real need for solid, trained men to pastor and lead in discipleship. We don’t treat any other book with this level of contempt.


  2. I mean in Matthew before a person goes and calls on a person to repent before the body of Christ, the person is supposed to go and call on the person individually to repent. Im white and I have never had a person of color come to me individually and ask me to repent for something that I have done.

    Now I have gone into a black barber shop and sat there and talked with everyone and when the barber said my turn was up after an hour or so, I said oh I’m not here to get a haircut, I just came in to hang out and talk with yall. They said, “what!”, “you did!” I said sure why not what better place to maybe have so good conversation. At that point the barber which I had no clue said he was also the pastor of the small church next door. Also the conversation took a turn and the person in the chair started opening up and just sharing how he felt about racism and how people had been racist to him and his frustration and hurt and anger even. This person did not appear to be coming from a heavy Christian perspective but did believe in God I believe and I got to share with him the proper Christian perspective and that what he has experienced is a fallen world’s perspective and how from the world that is expected but if it is coming from a Christian and supposed Christianity then its sin and its wrong. I told him that Christ came and destroyed everything that he experienced for those who are in Christ. In the end I stayed until the shop closed. The barber/pastor walked me out and continued the conversation with outside for about 15min. He said that he felt lead to bless me with some money. I told him that I was not in need but I wanted to accept and not refuse his gift that the Holy Spirit put on his heart. So basically the summary is, I just set out on foot to go for a walk and came across a barber shop in a city that I had never been in and then just went into the barber shop to hangout.

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