2 thoughts on “Be consistent”

  1. Our political ideologies and affiliations lead us astray from sticking to just focusing on the truth of the gospel and from sticking to living it out practically. Our Christian beliefs become hypocritical when political views take the forefront. Unfortunately I say this to conservatives also.

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  2. Sadly, I believe she is on to something here. There are a lot of people who are not thinking for themselves and are only influenced to act when their favorite celebrities, companies and organizations urge them to do so. And if it is not mainstream, they will remain silent. Their support for Black Lives Matter was already disingenuous before the unfolding of the crisis in Cuba. Black Lives did not really matter because they only amplified their voices on social media or added a black square for BlackOutTuesday for a black life killed by a white police officer. And all other “outrage” has been over the other black lives killed by white police officers, but it’s been exclusive to that. The black on black crimes in major cities across the country, which have led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands of black people including young children, have been completely ignored in this movement. That’s why people like myself who do not support the BLM movement see this whole thing as manipulative and a charade. How so many have been bamboozled by this organization, I will never understand. I pray they wake up.


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