4 thoughts on “The Gospel: It’s really not that hard”

  1. No its not really the gospel. The gospel is recognizing our individual depravity and our individual need for a Savior regardless of what you look like on the outside. The outside is not who you are. The outside is temporal. Is hospitality important? Yes. But its not the gospel. Unbelievers can be hospitable. Hospitality is not unique to Christianity. However being hospitable because you are trying as hard as you can to be hospitable as a human is one thing, being hospitable because of a pure overflow of the Holy Spirit in you is another thing all together. But no hospitality is not the gospel.

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  2. Well to be fair, she uses the words theology and Christianity- she actually doesn’t imply hospitality is a Gospel issue, I don’t think. I’d definitely call it “majoring in a minor” though!

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    1. I certainly understand your point and indeed our faith is played out by means such as “hospitality”. But don’t you think she’s playing fast and loose with the term? It’s certainly not the most egregious that I’ve found but there’s certainly better ways to express the point.


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