Or maybe….just maybe

Dear Woke Christian,

At what point will you begin to see that this is being used as a lever to separate Chrsitans of every color? You can’t have a dissenting voice? Well, I can and I will use it.

The notion that any form of disagreement with CRT will be met with name calling and bully tactics is so 3rd grade I am embarrassed to have to point it out. No, I don’t worship whiteness. That’s just silly, but since we’re being lunatics, “supporting CRT means you worship blackness”. See I can play the silly Olympics as well.

But let’s be honest. There are many, many viable reasons to reject CRT. The main reason is that it’s another “gospel” in full. Its’ presuppositions are flawed on many sides and don’t represent what the Body of Christ is to be at all.

How about this. If I told you that the Bible speaks clearly against women leading in church one would immedately excuse away Paul and make some pretty baseless arguments. That same person would canonize “whiteness” as the unpardonable sin and call anyone who challenges it mean names. You’re probably writing out a few of them now.

There are many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who disagree with CRT. I will not accuse them of worshipping anything or anyone except Christ unitl proven otherwise. Why are you so comfortable doing differently?

As a call to action how about you show me where “whiteness” is a sin in the scriptures.

5 thoughts on “Or maybe….just maybe”

  1. Thank you for articulating the thoughts I was having. “Worshipping blackness” and name calling based on disagreement! I think we have forgotten what a “theory” even is! Theories are meant to be challenged and questioned, they should be tested especially by Christians with the Word of God. As we should test all the ideologies of mankind. God has given us truth, the gold standard, and it seems we keep leaving it on our dusty book shelves. *smh

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  2. No, I don’t worship whiteness. That’s just silly, but since we’re being lunatics, “supporting CRT means you worship blackness”. See I can play the silly Olympics as well.

    Silly Olympics. Haha! I love that!

    It really is silly though. I appreciate your succinct and fruitful blog about this contentious topic – although it shouldn’t be – particularly among Christians. I can understand how someone who is not a believer who reads the Bible daily can get sucked into the madness of CRT and see nothing wrong with it. However, a Bible reading and believing Christian should not get swayed by the racist ideology that CRT offers.

    It’s like that book I mentioned to you, “Be the Bridge Pursuing God’s Heart Toward Racial Reconciliation.” If it wasn’t for me diving deeper in the Word, I might not have been as alarmed by its content as I was. This book is a prime example of a Christian not guarding her heart from the ways of the world. If a book written by a proclaimed Christian uses social justice/woke terms like racial reconciliation, white privilege, whiteness, dominant culture, and systemic racism, it does not reflect the Bible. We must use discernment when it comes to what we feed our minds and we have to stay firm in the Word of God so that we can recognize when Scripture is being twisted to back up a worldly point. I.e., corporate sin which is referenced in the book is not Biblical although some may argue that.

    All this to say, keep on writing and let’s pray that people will wake up from their wokecoma. Ah? You see what I did there?

    God bless you!

    P.S. Also love the Wokeanda reference

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  3. Wow! Crazy. I mean if whiteness is just the color of your skin then its has no bearing on Christianity or you being a Christian. Its like a false opposition that they are creating if you are going by the bible as a “Reverend” should be. But if whiteness is defined by a white person or by a white group of people elevating themselves over another race then according to the bible that is sin. If I am worshipping my whiteness I’m sinning in multiple ways and my being a Christ follower should be severely questioned. But really CRT just like worshipping whiteness neither one are part of the gospel.

    For CRT adherents, a person voluntarily doing justice to another human being is one thing, but a person demanding justice from another human being or demanding justice from a worldly system or entity like the govt is another thing all-together.

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  4. Have you ever looked at the greek of Luke 20:21 and the meaning of strongs word 4383. I almost wonder if these translations have it more correctly translated.

    Bishops’ Bible of 1568
    And they asked him, saying: Maister, we knowe that thou sayest and teachest ryght, neither considerest thou the outwarde appearaunce of any man, but teachest the way of God truely:

    Coverdale Bible of 1535
    And they axed him, & sayde: Master, we knowe that thou sayest & teachest right, and regardest the outwarde appearauce of no man, but teachest the waye of God truly.

    Almost like it was maybe really saying that they knew that Jesus taught truth and that he didn’t teach based upon how someone looked.


    1. Also when I look at greek words on biblehub there is almost always figurative and symbolic alternative meaning for words. It usually has both. But for this word I dont see any figurative meanings given. Its seems like literally all physical or outward appearance meanings. Just found that verse interesting.


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