The Gospel: Righteousness

Dear Woke Christian,

In Christ we can rest. We can cease from striving, scraping and fighting. We no longer have to prove our worth because our worth, our right standing, our righteousness is in Christ. He has achieved the prize and He maintains it for us. I no longer have to work or labor for my righteousness. It’s been given to me through Christ.

Now, I enjoy Christ. I want to know more about Him, His ways and His Word. I enjoy His people and those He’s called to Himself. I didn’t choose God, He chose me. Therefore I accept all that He’s called to Himself in this flock. I don’t see Him as an insufferable task master, but rather a loving kind King, Who has extended His scepter to many myself included, a lowly peasant.

As you think about your own standing in God as a woke Christian I wonder how do you maintain your righteousness?

Romans 5, Romans4:3, Hebrews 4:3, Matthew 11:28

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