The Gospel: This makes no sense!

Dear Woke Christian,

It makes no sense that a sinner like me would be favored by God to be called from my sinful state to be His very own. That doesn’t make sense. Matter of fact it’s foolishness to my natural mind. It’s scandal to my conscience and really too incredible for feeble heart to comprehend.

That’s exactly why you and I , dear brother and sister need to hear that Gospel, the Good News of our salvation on a regular basis. Check out 1 Corinthians 1:21 and 23. Also read 1 John 3 for clarity. There is no better armament against the damning of my conscience, the condemnation of my heart, and the constant attack of lies of the world and the Enemy the steady repeating of the Gospel.

As you compare the moder woke Gospel to that of the Bible ask yourself if this is making you love the truth of God more? Is it causing you to look at your brothers and sisters in Christ with great affection or is it doing something else to you?

2 thoughts on “The Gospel: This makes no sense!”

  1. Great work and excellent questions. Is this making love God more? Is this unifying me more with other fellow believers? Or is the woke gospel causing more division and harm? Great writing thanks


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