See this is what I mean….

Dear Woke Christian,

I just had coffee with a brother. We laughed, joked, he gave me a great book for my birthday. What I really liked was we spent a lot of time unpacking God’s word as it relates to worship. At the end I remembered that he is white and that he must have done something terrible to someone.

So my question to you is what do I do? Throw him under the bus or the false CRT narrative that all whites are racist?

3 thoughts on “See this is what I mean….”

  1. Well obviously you’d better bring the gifted book to someone like Ibram X. Kendi and make sure it’s OK for you to read. I mean, it was given to you by a white person, so you can never be too careful 😉

    Happy birthday!


  2. Tweet sounds like people stuck in a victim mentality. If people are hurt, I can understand that. If I hurt them individually then I repent and ask their forgiveness. But it seems like these with victim mentality want people to be for them what God is supposed to be to them. Jesus is the One who collects your tears in a bottle not man, Jesus is the One who never fails not other people, Jesus is the One who never leaves not mankind. Let Jesus be your all in all. Don’t expect, demand, or even want people to do for you that which only God should be your source of. I dont know I guess the mentality just doesn’t seem Christian to me. Worldly? Yes. But not Christian.

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