We push back

Dear Woke Christian,

CRT starts with this faulty premise that EVERYTHING is racist. I’ve pointed out earlier that everything can’t be “racist” because “race” is made up.

There are, however, injustices that exist. The problem is we label them wrong.
What we call “racism” is actually “partiality”. That’s what the James 2:1-13 calls it. Focus on 2:1.

Now, if you call it a “sin” rather than a made up word you actually have a solution for the problem, the Gospel. The only way we point someone out of their sinful state is to shine the light of the Gospel for them.

The beautiful thing about the Gospel is that each and everyone of us needs to hear it. We need to hear of our sin, Christ’s perfect life, death, burial, resurrection and ascension. We have to hear that there is forgiveness for our sin in faith in Christ. We have to hear that wonderful Good News.

This leads to a very, very thorny issue. In CRT there is no Salvation. There is no good news in CRT. There is not way for the “oppressor” to repent enough and be saved. BINGO!

4 thoughts on “We push back”

  1. Jason, if you’re up for it, maybe at some point soon we could do a recording zoom meeting. Chat it up about some of these issues. I’d love to have you talking about some of these things on my channel at some point if you’re interested. Thanks brother for your work! God bless you.


  2. Well said sir! There is a slow shift happening where we look at injustices and say, “…they didn’t deserve that.” This is a dangerous idea. While the American law agrees that certain offenses should not be met with certain punishments, the permeating inaccuracy is that mankind “deserves” good. You deserve a break! You deserve a better car… But what do we really deserve? Who of us is perfect and deserves nothing but goodness. I know the pushback…but we, as humans, should treat each other justly. This is true, but the avalanche start with a single snowflake. People will justify their incitement of all sorts of injustices until they become afflicted by an injustice that they experience as unjustified. How do we change this? By looking at ourselves in the proper light first. When we see our own darkness, and we seek out the light of Christ to remove that darkness, we will spend less time pointing out the darkness in others to make ourselves feel less shady. We will then extend that light (the light of Christ) to those who are still blind, so that they in turn may see and share the light with others.


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