The Bet of Wokeanda

Dear Woke Christian,

CRT pushers are betting on one thing. Their entire sham is held up on one single premise.

That you don’t know your Bible.

That’s it. Don’t believe me? Think I’m going too far? Listen to this comment from IXK and ask yourself would a student of the Bible come to this conclusion? Oh and peep his opening salvo. It might take a few rewinds, but listen to where he got his “theology”.

2 thoughts on “The Bet of Wokeanda”

  1. Listening to that answer without context and greater depth of who they think is doing the “saving” or what the “oppressed” ones are being liberated from is tricky. On the surface what he is saying sounds accurate. Much is left to be desired from only absorbing a small clip. Meaning he could be mischaracterized, as you say, if I don’t gather what he is really communicating. Black theology? Does this really exists? Meaning is it biblical? If Yeshua/Jesus is what the world would today consider as black, then there needs to be no name placed on this fact as to have to call it Black theology. It then just becomes the truth. However I understand the reason to have to delineate as there are so many forms of the abuses of what has become known as Christianity Worldwide. Would Jesus/Yeshua have eaten, engaged with those who are marginalized unfairly or even because of their own iniquitous deeds. If the answer is “No” then all of the disciples and every other human being he engaged with would have to counter as a resounding “yes”. He engaged with as many as would have His presence welcomed. Does that mean He condoned everything that everyone did? “Where are you accusers(condemners)?…Neither do I condemn you. Go AND SIN NO MORE.”

    We must absolutely read, analyze and have The Spirit to breath revelation into our understanding of His character and the Scriptures.


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