One thought on “Law and Gospel”

  1. I enjoyed the simplicity of the video and attempt at addressing a subject matter of the scripture that is too often seen as a non-issue because of a prevailing idea that the Torah is no more. I saw several flaws as the presenter professed further down the list. One being that the Law only accuses. If the Commands have both “Threats (which I don’t think this is the best terminology) and “Promises”, then how is the promise of blessings an accusation of sin?

    As usual Paul is referenced as he is vocal about Torah. Yet here again in my observation referenced out of context. Torah points towards the righteous One. Since within Torah there is provision made for sin, it assumes that the one participating is not able to keep it all without flaw. While one could for sure become prideful in their obedience, As did the Rich ruler who came to Yeshua saying, “ Since I was a child I have obeyed all the commands. What do I lack? While works is what Paul addresses as did Messiah with this Rich one, obedience with reverence and humility is what Torah develops in the believer. This obedience prepares us for the Righteous One Who makes us righteous. Yet He says, “I did not come to do away with the Torah or the Prophets but to complete/fulfill them. This is clear that Christ is making no such distinction between what we call Old and New. I will end hear as I realize this is supposed to be a comment and not a separate lesson. I do desire that there were open dialogue in the faith centers where people could give feedback and ask questions without seeming heretical simply because they don’t have on a backwards collar or big robe.

    “If you love Me, you will keep My Commands!” Famous word from a historical figure.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share J. Whit


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